Mountain View Hyde Park - MVHP

The project provides a tremendous number of basic services and public facilities, which provide luxury and privacy for all residents of the compound, and for more comfort and safety, special pedestrian paths were designed throughout the compound, away from motorways. The first phase of the project is built on 20 feddans, located near one of the largest medical, commercial, scientific, and sports complexes in New Cairo. Among the most important of these services:

  • Sports clubs and playgrounds with wide areas offering all sports.
  • Swimming pools and artificial lakes are built to the highest levels of purity.
  • Open gardens and landscape, surround all units to enjoy the stunning landscapes.
  • International schools for children and adults.
  • 24-hour advanced security system.
  • Commercial areas containing malls with the most famous stores, restaurants, and international cafes.
  • Entertainment areas for adults and children, and cinemas.
  • Crystal Lagoons and artificial waterfalls.
  • Areas for barbecues, exhibitions, and seminars.
  • A great walkway for walking and biking away from car roads.


Mountain View Hyde Park

New Cairo

Mountain View Hyde Park

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