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Century 22 is on a goal to become Egypt's most successful real estate company. Century 22 Real Estate specializes in promoting, listing, and selling new and resale luxury homes, residential communities, condominiums, homesites, undeveloped property, and commercial and investment possibilities using proven professional state-of-the-art tactics. Century 22 Real Estate has a full-time group of well-trained real estate professionals that are dedicated to providing exceptional service to each of their clients and customers. Century 22 Real Estate is a creative, inventive, and people-oriented corporation that offers each employee personal pleasure and gratifying challenges.


Our Purpose

Century 22 for Real Estate Investment is dedicated to spreading pleasure by offering a complete real estate service that meets world-class standards and assures customer satisfaction through a network of competent, local, and international specialists. We want to be the premier regional real-estate supplier, creating happy communities in every country we enter, and we are completely committed to excellence.


  • Making a Difference
  • Happiness
  • Success


A shining example of excellent deeds

We sincerely believe in leading by example in good deeds and seek to be a beacon of good deeds, illuminating the path for others to follow.


Spreading joy to those around us

Being happy and making others around us happy is at the heart of all we do. Spreading joy is part of every encounter we have, from our staff to our partners and valued clients.


The effective development of our initiatives

Our notion of success is seeing our initiatives grow and our communities prosper. It directs all we do.



Address by the CEO


A successful owner broker must be a people person, capable of providing constructive feedback and displaying empathy when necessary. In this profession, people go through ups and downs. I like assisting others in remaining motivated, but I had no idea how much people would rely on you to do so, to provide an ear, or to be a voice. The agents want to feel supported.

A large part of an office's success is determined by its interpersonal ties. It's critical to demonstrate that a broker-owner is involved in the success of their team. They may do so by being available, assisting with company strategies, and sharing their experience. I want to see individuals succeed and have a rewarding career in this industry.


If there is any magic in this, it is that I spend so much time with people. Our firm only makes a profit when our agent makes a profit. We are fervently hoping for this to occur. If we keep it in mind, we will be able to achieve our goals. Many broker-owners were drawn to the position because they wanted to train and manage a team. That, however, is only one aspect of the work. Strong business acumen and administrative skills are required for much of the work. We have a sales vice president, a management vice president, and a rentals vice president.


None of them are competitors. It's almost a military-style layer of administration and coaching; you must be able to ensure that as your agency expands, so will your support systems. Your agent pool will suffer and turn over if these systems are not in place.


Assist each individual in locating an appropriate property.

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